Welcome to Avanto entrepreneurship program! You can start anytime you wish and we’ll guarantee you’ll learn new and useful skills.



The Avanto entrepreneurship program is always tailored to the needs of your business idea. You and your coach will agree on the contents of your path in the program at the first meeting. The program can consist, for example, of some of the following elements:


Meetings with the coach

Each business idea will have its own business coach. During an arranged meeting, the coach will help you and/or your team to proceed according to the plan and to utilize modern business development tools and methods.





Our workshops are divided into different themes. During the workshops, our coaches guide you in working you on your business idea using modern tools and methods.

Some of the workshops are in Finnish and others are in English.



Check out the schedules for our events and participate to the ones that are in your plan.




Turn yours skills into work

What is your passion? Whether it is dancing, photography, graphic design, physical therapy or any other field you are studying, we are here  to help you utilize your skills and employ yourself.


Develop your own business

Do you already have a company, but the business is slow? Boost your business operations and take them to a totally new level with our coaches.


Good ideas into practice

Find out the viability of your business idea with our coaches. Don’t wait for tomorrow – start your entrepreneurial journey now.


Corporate acquisitions

Did you know that good companies are for sale in all fields all the time?

Corporate acquisition could be a perfect way for you to become an entrepreneur. Contact us and we’ll find out together how you can make corporate acquisitions a part of your studies.




The Avanto entrepreneurship program is carried out as a part of your studies. Depending on your needs and work amount, the scope of the program varies from 3 to 10 credits. The studies are common to all students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu.

In addition to earning credits, we guarantee that you’ll develop useful skills both for becoming an entrepreneur and for working life in general. Our main goal is to find out the business potential of your idea and help you learn the entrepreneurial way of working.




Take your future in your hands and create your own path to entrepreneurship. Be yourself and do whatever is most beneficial for your own personal and professional development. Read about fellow students and find out what became of them. These stories are full of eager spirit.




For students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

For students of
University of Oulu