Mukti: Running three projects in a worldwide network

Mukti Narayan Paudel, Student/Entrepreneur


Mukti first came to Finland in 2010, and after a few years got his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Engineering at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Currently he is a Master’s degree student in Information Processing Sciences at Oulu University. During his studies he was introduced to Business Kitchen by his project supervisor, launching a chain of events which led him to where he is today - running three projects with a worldwide network.

He participated in Avanto Accelerator program with his first project, gaining valuable knowledge of the business world and how to look at his project from a different perspective. With the help of his new skills and understanding he then began developing a new idea, NEPGO ( - Business Kitchen-like innovation hubs in his home country Nepal. NEPGO was designed to bring valuable contacts together by linking educational institutes, industries, businesses, government agencies, non-profit organisations, experts and volunteers in the area.

Business Kitchen played a major role in introducing the world of business to Mukti and to provide him with the necessary tools and knowledge to success. The greatest lesson he learned is to be humble, network well and give back to the community. He is extremely grateful for all the help and support he received, describing Business Kitchen to be innovative and full of kind and like-minded people.

“Coming back to Business Kitchen is like coming home.”